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2013 Top 10 Super Bowl Ads

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This year’s Super Bowl ad landscape featured babies in space, a crazy goat, and another gross GoDaddy commercial. But a touching story about a Budweiser Clydesdale and the man who raised it beat all other ads, according to USA Today’s Ad Meter. Check out the top 10 commercials according to USA Today below and let us know your favorite in the comments:

1. Audi Prom

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2136″]


2. Hyundai – Team

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2142″]


3. NFL – Leon Sandcastle

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2143″]


4. Doritos – Foat 4 Sale

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2144″]


5. Tide – Miracle Stain

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2145″]


6.  Kia – Space Babies

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2146″]


7. Jeep – Whole Again

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2147″]


8. Doritos – Fashionista Daddy

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2148″]


9. Dodge RAM – God Made a Farmer

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2149″]


10. Budweiser – Brotherhood

[jwplayer config=”postpage” mediaid=”2150″]

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