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Bacchanal Jamaica 2015

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Bacchanal Jamaica is now the main facet of Jamaica’s Carnival and continues to grow from strength to strength commanding thousands of followers for its annual program which kicks off in January and them continues for some 8 weeks to its climax on the weekend after Easter.

After a wild and wonderful Trinidad carnival, many of us return home to our bland existences and resume our lives as mere mortals.  We sit at windows with our ipods pumping soca, dreaming, wishing to relive the euphoria of the road, if only for  a short while.  Well people, let me tell you that for years I have returned home to Jamaica and done just that.  Jamaica carnival is the sunday after the easter weekend APRIL 12, 2015.  You can finish Lent and then come celebrate with us!  It’s a chance to see carnival from the point of view of Jamaicans who ONLY hit the road to party.


Here is a recap of last year’s Bachannal Jamaica

Opening Night

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


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