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King Waggy Tee

DJ House Arrest
September 9, 2012
Jazzy T Renaissance
September 10, 2012

Back in the days, how “King Waggy Tee” got his Respect for being the “Wickedest Selector” was due to his knowledge of music and the way he could keep a party going straight thru till the morning with his blends and ability to make that transition from Dancehall to Soca to House to Rap, R&B & Slow Jams as smooth as possible..In those days it was your ability to keep the dancefloor going and going without any interruptions and long talking on the microphone, as thats the difference with today’s way of spinning music where you need a hype person on the mike to get the party started and keep it blazing…Back then it was all about the MIXING…BEAT MATCHING if you know what I mean…

King Waggy Tee earned the title of “King” by winning Florida’s Selector Clash 3 years in a row.This was a contest where the audience got to judge for the Selector that Represented the BEST SELECTIONS, BEST STYLE, BEST EXECUTION & BEST PERFORMANCE for the night, some what like the World Clash of today. The winner was crowned KING for that year. He has also clashed & played alongside sounds like Body Guard, David Rodigan, Afrique, Inner City, Metro Media, Addies, Bass Oddysey, Stone Love, Renaissance, Poison Dart, Tony Matterhorn, Jaro, Mighty Crown, Yard Vibes, Black Chiney, Code Red, Richie D, ZJ Bambino (Zip FM) to name a few..

Official Vibes
Official Vibes
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