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triads 5The Triads came together the summer of 2011. At this point Deen had been casually penning lyrics and freestyling for fun for years but never really had incentive to vocalize them. During the time Deen had begun to write lyrics and freestyle periodically, James had begun making beats and recording on them. James and myself have been friends for 11 years now so naturally, I took part in the recording process. Deen and I became friends in high school and when I showed him the music James and I created, he decided to get involved in our operations as well.

The way our process works is James makes some of the beats we use as well as writes, records, engineers, mix and masters our songs. Deen and I write and record and all three of us are involved in the creative process of our album art with James ultimately executing via photoshop. I myself am of Iranian-American decent, Deen is of Nigerian-American decent, and James is from South Carolina; so naturally we each bring our own exclusive identities to the table. There are a wide assortment of artists that influence the music we make; from Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Cudi to Coldplay, Passion Pit, and Foster the People. We are currently at the very beginning stages of our careers with only 2 songs released; which is why we have yet to collaborate with other artists. Currently we are a relatively new collective and our current focus is putting out individual singles in order to generate buzz and build a deeper fan base. That being said, we have a project in the works for future release. Our ultimate goal is to be a breath of fresh air in the music world with our legendary aspirations. 


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